High-Quality Sock Knitting Machine and Important Information about It


In early times knitting was a handy process. People knitted blankets, sweaters, and socks by hand. As we all know, socks are a daily consumable article and a must for people all over the world. As technology evolved knitting can be done by machine. Now industries are producing socks with the help of knitting machines.

The sock knitting machine made the process easier. There are different types of knitting machines that perform their function in different ways. Industries must have to choose the right one which positively affects their products and manufacturing.

Alibaba has many verified suppliers. They provide us with a variety of products. In this article, we provide you with information so you can know more about sock knitting machines.

Circular Sock Knitting Machine and Its Features

A knitting projectmachine is a really skilled circular knitting machine designed specifically for socks. Any sort using yarn or fibre can be used with these devices to make socks according in performance, size, and shape standards. One can create sock textiles with multiple sets of nippers. Fabrics made with double-knit are made from two needle sets.

  •     Featured with different types of sinkers
  •     Can knit towels of different heights
  •     The circular knitting machine has features of normal and reversed cams
  •     Can adopt a four-track design
  •     Offers exemplary productivity which can replace the other models
  •     Has closed tracks and wide needle
  •     It produces high-caliber goods with different levels of thickness
  •     It can make socks of multiple colors

High-Quality Sock Knitting Machine

Many verified suppliers provide products through Alibaba at wholesale prices. Let’s discuss one of its best products. 7F Automatic sock knitting machine produces high flatness on the sock surface. Rubber in the heel can be connected flexibly. It can be controlled automatically no need to feed again. Other features are as follows.

  •     Use 380V
  •     Production capacity is 200 to 300 pairs per day
  •     1.5*1.0*2.2M dimensions
  •     380kg weight
  •     Power 1300
  •     New condition with one year warranty
  •     It can knit one main color and six vice colors in one line

Basic Components of Sock Knitting Machine

  •     The cylinder
  •     The needles
  •     The sinkers
  •     The deal using jacks or transfer bits.

How a Sock Knitting Machine Works

First, the thread is dyed in the color of the sock. The yarn is then spun to make socks. This provides the ultimate in productivity and keeps the cost of manufacturing socks as low as possible. It consists of three main sections: yarn feed, knitting element, and fabric take-up. Needles are vertically slid up and down and attached to slots or notches in knitting cylinders.

Final Thoughts

Sock Knitting machines are used throughout the world. Socks are the article we use in daily life so, the demand is greater. With help of advanced technology, the knitting process is now done by machines instead of hands. With time technology made their product better. If you want to buy a high-quality sock knitting machine click on the link given above.

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