Ever Tried Revolveled’s Collection?


Do you know that revolveled is one of the best manufacturers of led lighting solutions? If you know that, how about learning about revolveled’s collection in the lighting domain? This article will brief you about their catalog so you can learn what types of lights are offered by revolveled.

Outdoor Lighting

Revolveled offers a wide range of world-class led lighting for outdoor purposes. These include stadium lights, flood lights, LED Wall packs, area and site lights, LED dusk to dawn lights, and more. They’re meant to withstand heavy and extreme outdoor weather conditions without getting damaged while still offering the brightest lamination. They can remain unharmed even if a bird lands or sits on them by mistake.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting has always been a buzz among fashion lovers. People who’re enthusiastic about the best interior fashion often spend a lot of money on the interior along with the best lighting system. If you’re one such person, you should try revolveled as they offer bay lights, tube lights, canopy lights, strip lights, etc. Think of any light and that will be offered by revolveled.

Lights By Applications

Apart from indoor and outdoor use, if you’re looking for lights for a specific room, this section talks about it.

For Garage

Garage needs moderate light as you just need to park your car and vise-versa. However, if you want to repair your car in your garage, you should go for wall pack lights that can be installed at the bottom of the wall. That will help you get a clear vision under your car. Moreover, you should install bay lights in your garage so you can see in your engine when repairing it. Garage often go with high illumination lights so just one LED light can light up the whole garage.

Parking Lot

A parking lot is often large enough to accommodate at least a dozen vehicles. If you’re a business owner like a mall, convenience store, etc. and want to give parking facility to your visitors in your parking lot, you should install outdoor parking lot lights such as canopy lights, vapor lights, flood lights, etc. as they will give high illumination, so people can see clearly at night.


Warehouses use moderate lights since they’re large and people just need to store their stock. In that case, you can use less lights at the ceiling or go for bay lights, linear high lights, led strip lights, or any lights that are hung on the ceiling. Revolveled offers another types of light that glows and displays exit. The EXIT glow LED sign light is ideal for warehouses, so the workers can know the exit from the warehouse since warehouses are very huge and people inside it can get stuck.


So, have you gone through the best collection of revolveled in this article? If you think that’s the limit, perhaps you need to try out their website to go through the entire latest collection because their collection is so large that it cannot be briefed. Revolveled is also known for launching latest models that are added in their collection. So, if you’re looking for an extended range of product by them, you need to visit their official website for more details.


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