Pointers For Effective Cleaning Using A Bike Pressure Cleaner


Pressure washers come in different forms; it may be challenging to know the right one for you. Those who do now have the task of figuring out how they work and using them. After hours of biking in muddy terrain, you may want to have the bike pressure washed. Bike pressure washers remove the dirt and any stain leaving it spotless. This write-up shows how to clean effectively using a bike pressure cleaner

Cleaning using a bike pressure washer

Any cleaning process should yield positive results. Neither the object itself nor those surrounding it should get damaged. Carry out the washing process carefully to restore the appearance of the bike. Before the actual bike cleaning, consider the following.

1. Allocate time for washing the bike

Planning helps prepare you for what’s to come. It prepares you mentally and physically to pressure wash the bike. Pressure washing is generally a quick process. But, estimate the time you’ll need to clean the bike based on the type of dirt on its surface. The tyres may have come into contact with grease, meaning more washing time is needed. Having ample time allows you to do thorough cleaning without missing a spot.

2. Learn your bike

Understand the parts on your bike before pressure cleaning. Some parts are delicate and sudden damage if exposed to the washer. There are parts to clean and those to avoid, like the engine, chain, and electronics. Plan to clean the solid parts like mudguards and the body and tyres.

3. Get a bike pressure cleaner

Picking a washer highly depends on your budget. You can purchase a brand new pressure washer if the cost is favorable. Also, second-hand washers exist, but you must be careful not to buy something poor and low quality. Alternatively, you can hire one and take it back after use. The available options in the stores are so many that deciding on one is hectic. Choose what suits the bike material and the stains it has. Gas pressure washers are so powerful, ideal for tough stain removal. Electric pressure washers are suitable if connected to a power socket. They are also light and more portable than the gas models. Go for pressure washers with adjustable nozzles in case the pressure level isn’t the best.

4. Select a spot for the bike pressure cleaner

Have your bike on a solid surface or space before pressure washing. The ground you choose may affect your bike’s paintwork. In the case of gravel or rocky ground, the pressure may break the rocks into small pieces. The pieces then hit the bike, causing scratches on the paint. The bike will need repainting, which is an extra cost if this happens. When washing, avoid directing the wand directly to the floor. Angle it towards the bike, so you don’t take chances even on solid ground.

Final thoughts

Cleaning is an advantage to keep the bike looking good. But, it can be disastrous if you wash the bike on surfaces with loose dirt. Avoid sensitive parts of the bike, such as the engine and chain. Use the right bike cleaner to remove stains. Lastly, polish the bike after drying.


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