Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using A CNC Machine


The process of aluminum machining seems very simple if you experience it with a CNC machine. CNC machines, when in action, are amazing. It is a blissful experience to watch a machine work itself automatically. With simple computer programs, your CNC machine will cut and process the aluminum into the required shapes. From a distance, it seems very easy, especially when you watch an expert do it. You tend to assume that the CNC machine is great without knowing how much work has been done behind the scenes. Using a CNC machine is easy with the right knowledge, guidance, and experience. But setting up the device appropriately before you can use it is the technical part. Your CNC machine must be set up in the most proper way possible to ensure optimal performance. CNC machines work majorly on computer programs; CAD and CAM.

CAM is the part of the machine that focuses on manufacturing the object you need. But the CAM segment will not work unless the CAD has been completed. CAD is the design section of the CNC machine, and it focuses on having a prototype before production. The design is in its clearest form to enable you to spot even the tiniest of errors. After correcting the errors and finalizing the design,  you can work on the production through the CAM. For the operator of the machine they understand what is going on. But for an onlooker, it seems like magic. Assuming a CNC machine is magical is the first mistake you can make with the machine. There are also many other mistakes that come with using a device. Some of these errors can be deadly if you are close to using a machine. Therefore, we strongly advise that you use a CNC machine under strict supervision from an expert. Some of the common mistakes with using a CNC machine includes

Wearing gloves

When operating most machines, gloves always seem like a welcome option. We tend to assume that these gloves are for Safety. Yes, there may be safety gloves, but these gloves are very dangerous when it comes to CNC machining. The Parts of A CNC machine is more complex, and it will be a big mistake for the machine to grab a glove tight. This may lead to severe injuries or even a hand loss.

Not having safety equipment on

When you are machining aluminum, there is a lot of fragmentation flying around. Most CNC machines already have parts to reduce the probability of these flying fragments coming close to you. But it does not remove the probability. Therefore, you need to be as careful as possible when CNC machining. Always wear your safety glasses and boots to protect yourself.

Wearing long jewelry and loose clothing items

Necklaces and clothes are lovely. They make you more admirable and adorable. But when it comes to CNC machining, nothing concerns fashion with the machine. The machine can drag the chain or loose cloth leading to injuries or loss of the item. Therefore, it is better not to wear them at all. As much as possible, never think of putting your hands into the machine while at work.


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