What Are The Applications, Pros, and Cons of Flange Nuts

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Bolts and nuts come in different shapes and sizes, and flange nuts give one of the most unique shapes. A typical flange nut has two sides – one that takes the form of a hexagon, and the other takes the shape of a circle. The circular shape looks like a flange, which is where the name flange nuts come from. These types of nuts are prevalent, but not many know much about flange nuts. The main reason for the popularity of flange nuts is the distribution of the load pressure done because of the shape.

Except if you have some experience using flange nuts, you may not precisely know how flange nuts work. However, by reading this guide, you will learn many things about flange nuts. Let’s go!

Types of flange nuts

Flange nuts may all look alike, but these types of nuts come in different styles. Primarily, there are two main types of flange nuts globally recognized; the flange lock nuts and the serrated locknuts. The flange lock nuts are mainly torque locknuts that are not precisely free, while the serrated locknuts are free. Let us take a look at each of these types of flange nuts

Flange locknuts

Another name for the flange lock nuts is flange style automated locknuts. Primarily, these types of flange nuts are used in industry with heavy machinery. An example of the types of industries that use these machines include tractor manufacturers. These nuts are helpful to hold the parts of the truck firmly in the desired movements. According to experts, while using flange lock nuts in your machine, ensure that both the bolts and screws are long enough to protrude beyond the face of the nut. This will ensure that both bolts and screws are engaged firmly.

Serrated lock nuts

This type of flange nuts is the type that should interest you if you are into commercial machinery or you need nuts for commercial purposes. This type of locknuts is also known as spin lock nuts or whiz lock nuts. And most of the people that tend to use these locknuts are usually business people. It has the hexagonal shape of a regular flange nut, but it has a serrated bearing surface. This surface can be used amongst holes that are not in the right shape or the correct size. Also, these types of flange nuts can be used in different holes because of the circular flange that increases the bearing surface, allowing it to suit any surface.

Applications of flange nuts

Flange nuts are beneficial for domestic, manufacturing, and commercial purposes. The serrated type of flange nut is prevalent because it can be used in almost any machine. Some of the main types of devices you can use a flange nut for include;

  • For Automobiles
  • For Marine Equipment
  • For Heavy Industrial Jobs
  • Combining metals


There are so many advantages of using a flange nut for your machinery. Not only is it resistant to rotation, flange nuts are usually flexible, reusable, and highly durable. If you have not started using flange nuts yet as a manufacturer, you should start now!


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